Thunderspire Labyrinth


Having been raised in the twisting caverns of the Underdark, the mysterious drow Lithia led the way through the perilous tunnels. All was well until our heroes stumbled onto a nest of acid-spewing Kruthiks!

The foul insect-beasts poured into the chamber from their burrows and swarmed upon the fellowship. In the blink of an eye Kerian launched the assault, springing forward with an assassin’s reflex to skewer two of the swarming horde with his razor awls. Not to be outdone, Jerard waved his robed hand and sent a beam of frigid ice billowing into the massed swarm, lessening their numbers by two more.

The rest of the party followed suit, blasting the slavering beasts with spell and sword as a seemingly infinite amount dropped down from the ceilings or burrowed up from the stony earth. In the thick of the battle, they heard a terrible insectoid screeching as the Hive Mother herself burst from a side tunnel, surrounded by dozens of her young. She lurched forward with savage speed, arrows and blades pinging harmlessly off her thick chitinous armor. A hot spew of biting acid issued from her awful mandibles again and again, and our heroes’ resolve began to wear thin.

Feeling the might of his god boiling inside him, Fluxion called upon the radiance of Pelor to blind the terrible insects. The chamber filled with light as the healing energies soothed the party’s wounds and drove back the beasts. Then, brandishing his holy symbol high, Fluxion channeled the terrifying wrath of the Sun God into the Hive Mother’s psyche. The great beast staggered back as her puny mind buckled under the assault. She turned and fled deep down into the surrounding tunnels, the party hot on her heels. Finally, they cornered and destroyed the Kruthik Mother, and the rest of her brood scattered in fear.

Traveling just a little deeper, the party found a small room to set up camp and enjoy a much needed rest.



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