The Story So Far

A deadly whisper drifts over the beleaguered Nentir Vale. It is said in dark circles that Mor Undim walks again the realm, and the taint of his forbidden magics threatens to undo the frail stability of the secluded region. The last of the great human empires has long fallen, and the Vale stands alone against an encroaching darkness. Orc tribes gather for war in the borderlands, Hags rouse the Fey to plot and scheme in the Witchlight Fens, and still darker things stir in the lost places of the Vale. Amidst the gathering dark, Mor Undim steps out from the tales of legend to work again his unspeakable arts. Few now remain to oppose the rogue sorcerer and his dark machinations…

Chapter 1 – Mount Thunderspire
Our intrepid heroes find themselves in the long-forgotten labyrinth city of Saruun Khel, deep beneath the lightning-scorched spire known locally as Thunderspire Mountain. Here they seek evidence of the Dark Wizard’s workings.

Follow their mighty exploits here.

Thunderspire Labyrinth

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